Secrets to Win Pick 4 Lottery Games

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Win Pick 4 Lottery System money

Revealed at last… the SECRET Pick 4 strategy ‘they’ don’t want you to know about or let alone use! Finally a TESTED, PROVEN, And VERIFIED Pick 4 lottery system the PRO players are using to win your state Pick 4 lottery up to 16 times per month! Yes, you read that right, up to 16 times per month!

On Saturday September 1, 2012 this proven strategy won Georgia Cash 4 lottery in just one day playing only $5 per game and this could be you too! On average, The Pick 4 lottery system wins twice per week and it’s an amazing secret way to win that works!

Finally, a bulletproof Pick 4 lottery system -


FLORIDA PLAY 4 – In 30 days (ending 11/2/2013) the win pick 4 system and strategy produced 17 Pick 4 wins!

This amazing Pick 4 lottery system is the most powerful lottery system available anywhere at any price!

On average you can win Pick 4 twice a week – average is around 12 hits per month when used on a ‘fast’ game with two Pick 4 draws per day. Not recommended on games with less or more than 2 Pick 4 draws per day.

More Pick 4 wins….
New Jersey – 14 Pick 4 hits in 30 days
Georgia Cash 4 – 20 hits in 30 days
New York – 21 Pick 4 hits in 30 days
Period ending 10/11/13

North Carolina Pick 4 wins 17 times in 30 days (ending 10/6/2013)
The Pick 4 lottery has 10,000:1 possible combinations to win the next game. I can show you a proven, effective way to significantly reduce those odds in your favor to win. The amazing and powerful Pick 4 lottery system shows you all you need to know. The 20 page manual is power-packed from start to finish and it’s fully illustrated showing you REAL games from 2012. There are no ‘play sheets’ no color coded lines to play and it can work for you. Don’t worry, I have made this as easy as possible and if you can count from one to four, you can learn this amazing Pick 4 lottery system, today! The Pick 4 lottery system that produces REAL Pick 4 winning numbers time and time again and there is nothing ‘they’ can do to stop it!

All you need is the last 14 days of draw history and be able to view the USA Pick 4 lottery results once or twice a day. There are no pen and paper workouts! If you can read this web page, you can learn the Pick 4 system, today! A computer running Windows Operating System (any and all versions) (used to read the Pick 4 system manual only!) and a couple of days to fully understand the easy-to-use system. That’s it. Nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, this can help to increase your chances of winning the Pick 4 lottery games.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow Lottery System (Windows PC Only) $49.95 money

How to win Pick 4 lotto games quickly and consistently! The system used by pro players to win the Pick 4 lotto fast and easy using as little as 3 numbers! Hits straight and boxed and does it time and time again between 12 and 20 times per month on many fast states with 2 P4 games per day. IF you learn the system and implement it exactly as shown.

How to win Pick 4 lottery quickly and consistently! The system used by pro players to win the Pick 4 lotto fast and easy using as little as 3 numbers! Hits straight and boxed and does it time and time again between 12 and 20 times per month on many fast states with 2 Pick 4 draws per day.

I just started playing the PICK 4 Cash Cow on 8/22/2012 in the States of FLORIDA, TEXAS and ILLINOIS and I have hit TEXAS 3 times, FLORIDA 2 times (including today) and ILLINOIS 3 Times. I have been doing great with the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Monkey. In fact I hit a Pick 4 Straight for $4500. (DM, USA)

Performance? It won Florida Play 4 twice in one day. It works! It won Arkansas Pick 4 straight 8/24/12 and that’s $5,000 to $9,000 for the $1 straight play! Once you experience the sheer power of this amazing Pick 4 lottery strategy, you’ll become hooked and perhaps you will be like several purchasers who dedicated themselves to learning the system inside-out and make a very nice living. It didn’t change their lives, it changed the way they live it.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow Lottery System (Windows PC Only) $49.95
Licensed for USA Pick 4 Games only. No international sales. Designed exclusively for use on USA Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games with TWO draws per day.

Requires: A personal computer running Windows (all versions) not available for MAC/IPAD, Tablets or Smart Phones. Not recommended for use on the following states; Arizona, California, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Qu├ębec, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington State, West Virginia, Western Canada or Wisconsin.


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How to Win Pick 4 Lottery

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How to Win Pick 4 Lotto Games!

While the odds of winning pick 4 are 10,000:1 against you I have a PROVEN Pick 4 lottery system that is absolutely bulletproof and it works!

The game is very clear to me now…after re-reading…The Fog has been lifted. I hit the Georgia Cash 4 last night… I started on it two days ago. I stuck with it just like you teach us…I didn’t waver and got a hit, wasn’t the $9,000..but it’s on the way. (DM – Georgia Cash 4 Winner) 11/8/2013

I don’t know about you, but for me, winning pick 4 was never easy. I was lucky if I had 1 pick 4 win per month. Now, after 20 years of playing Pick 3 and Pick 4, I have the BEST winning Pick 4 strategy and it will BEAT ANY other Pick 4 system – hands down! Why? because it works and it is PROVEN to work. It’s so good, I don’t sell it, I license it to you for 12 months. You can’t print it, you have to read it from your computer – I can’t take the chance of this getting circulated and duplicated. It has to remain with a chosen few who actually paid for the license.

It takes about a week or two to learn the pick 4 strategy. It’s not hard at all, just different. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it. There are NO WORKOUTS and you don’t need a pen and paper either. All you need do is look at the game and I will show you the numbers most likely to hit. And they DO hit when you follow all I reveal in the power-packed and fully illustrated manual. All you do is implement the pick 4 secrets to winning exactly as I show you. It is that simple. Plus, you don’t need to play the Pick 4 lottery game day in, day out – simply play when there is an opportunity to win. Game play will cost you $5 per game when you play and don’t make the same mistake others do – you don’t play every day just for the sake of playing – that’s what a gambler does. I can show you how to be a pick 4 player.

“I won Florida Play 4 lottery on 02/08/12 with 0677 and won Florida Play 4 again on 2/11/12 with 9431 playing for 1 day. Not to bad for 1 week. I also just won Florida Play 4 02/18/12 with 1098 Now that I’m not chasing numbers wins seem to be easy to come by now. Thank You for making me a better player.” (Jerry S. USA)

I show you two kinds of Pick 4 numbers that are the BEST to play. Sometimes they will hit in the next game or within a few days. If they don’t hit within 3 days, wait for another chance to play.